Perfect lipstick that you must have

I’m not a makeup or beauty person but always want to look good.

Since I gave a birth to my son, my body, skin, hair, even mood have been totally changed. (you will understand if you have kids.) so I’m more sensitive now when it comes to picking up products. I want natural, organic products and less damage to myself.

But the problem is that there are SO MANY makeup and beauty products and I didn’t know what to pick UNTIL my friend told me about this lipgloss called LipSense.

LipSense is a lipgloss that is

Water Proof

Kiss Proof

Smudge Proof

Wax & Lead Free

Gluten Free & GMO Free

Vegan & Cruelty Free

And what I like about this lipgloss is that it LASTS UP TO 18 hours!! I’m super busy these days. I don’t have time to fix my makeup or freshen up… so, this lipgloss is perfect for people like me.

Also, I don’t have to worry about putting it on my son’s face or body. I really have to be careful about it because my son has really sensitive skin. And it’s been headache to find products that is safe for my son. (We kiss and hug all the time.)

I’ve been using LipSense since last year and people see me with the lipgloss and say

“I like your lipstick.”

“Your lips look gorgeous.”

These just make me feel good.

I was away from try to look good since I got my son. I was too tired and depressed for the passed couple years. I lost my confidence and I was lazy especially when it comes to putting my makeup on. I wanted to look good but didn’t want to spend my time, money and energy on it.

But thank god for LipSense. Because now, I love and enjoy putting makeup on. It makes me feel good and gives me confidence back. (Getting confidence back is still working in progress but getting better.)

LipSense is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend time and money, lazy to fix and put makeup on many times a day but want to look good and looking for safe and plant base product. If it’s YOU, I highly recommend you to get one for yourself or your family and friends. You can go to the LIPSENSE website and enjoy the lipgloss with clicking the link below ↓↓↓ Hope you like it!


Thanks for stopping by and as always, I love hearing from you guys, so drop me a note anytime at

私は、メイクが好きではないので毎日メイクするわけでもないのですが… やはりどこかで綺麗になりたい、綺麗に見られたいと思うもの。

出産後、身体、肌、髪の状態そして気持ちまでも変わってしまった私… 以前よりも敏感になり繊細になってしまったので商品選びにはとても気を付けるようになりました。

なるべくですがオーガニックでナチュラルなものでダメージの少ないものを探すんですが…お店やオンラインで調べてみるととても数が多くどの商品が自分に一番合っているかが分からず買物がしにくい状態でした。そんな中、私の友達が紹介してくれたLipSense に出会い全てが変わりました。

LipSense とはグロスで他のグロスと違う所は


.キス プルーフ

.グルテン & GMO フリー

.ヴィーガン & クルエルティー フリー










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