It became more than hobby.

I used to hate cooking. I didn’t want to spend time and money on cooking. I used to buy food on the way home and eat it right after I get home.

But time passed and things changed. I have family now and realized that I can’t keep doing it anymore. But I still don’t want to spend time and money on it. Also, I’m Japanese so always cook Japanese/Asian food and my family got bored of it… I tried to cook different type of food. Fried, baked, grilled and all kinds but it’s just not easy when you don’t want to spend time and money… I used to even spend lots of time on finding a recipe.

So I researched and looked for easier, faster and cheaper way to cook and all my family can enjoy and be healthy. And I found the company called BLUE APRON.

BLUE APRON sends you recipes and ingredients every week. You just need to follow the recipe and voila!! Your food will be ready in 15-40 minutes depends on a menu. And you get to keep the recipes and reused them.

Cooking became more than hobby. It’s part of my self care. It makes me relax, release my stress, and simply feel good. Actually researchers have drawn a line connecting making food with positive feelings. In recent years psychologists have started spending more time exploring cooking and baking as a therapeutic tool to help people dealing with things like depression and anxiety. A little creativity each day can go a long way towards happiness and satisfaction in the bustle of daily life.

My family love the recipes and ingredients. Easy to cook, fresh and there are many menu that you can pick. To have variety of healthy food every week makes my life much easier and fun!



そこで、どうにかして毎日簡単に短時間で作れる方法はないかと探した結果、Blue Apronを見つけました。

Blue Apronは毎週、家に食材とレシピを届けてくれるサービス。好きなレシピを選べるし使ったレシピは今後も使えるのでとても便利です。調理時間も15分〜40分。レシピにもよりますが1時間かからずに調理する事ができます。



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