Perfect Lipstick for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is right around the corner. It’s almost time to put out your plans. Pick a outfit and most importantly, figure out how you’re going to do your makeup specifically your lipstick. I would love to introduce you some of the perfect lipstick for Valentine’s Day from LIPSENSE.

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick will always be an icon. It has long been the symbol for female empowerment. After all, the look is sexy, bold and just straight up stunning. Not to mention, when it’s done well it looks amazing on everyone and works for just about any occasion. Can any other lipstick color really say the same? The benefit from using red lipstick is that People will think you’re younger than you are. It is the perfect for your classic Valentine’s Day red lip. Let’s feel strong, classic, and beautiful with your favorite res lipstick!

Take a classic red lip one step further with a layer of shine. Add a gloss to your favorite red for a youthful look.

Pink Lipstick

Who says you have to stick to the red lip rule? Be adventurous and go for pink. The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. A combination of red and white, pink contains the need for action of red, helping it to achieve the potential for success and insight offered by white. It is the passion and power of red softened with the purity, openness and completeness of white. The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits. From pastel petal pink to full-on edgy hot pink, the possibilities are endless. The following lippies are perfect for the upcoming romantic holiday.

A soft gloss-topped pink is a romantic look fit for the most romantic day of the year. Pink is feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy. It gives off the perfect just been kissed vibe and is complemented by powerful bold.

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